Create human-level intelligent agents 10x faster than other builders




Do you…

  • Deal with SMBs as an IT service provider?
  • Service hotels, restaurants, spas, beauty, nail salons, and dentist offices?
  • Still have customers that are still struggling from non-motivated, high attrition human workers like receptionists, concierges, sales, and support?
  • Have customers lost business from unanswered calls?


Newo.AI – No-code builder of your corporate digital employees

  • Build AI Digital Employees for your clients who will work 24/7, answer calls, make calls, take care of bookings, cancellations, sales, product consultations and even work at the counter.


Grow your business revenue by providing the solution

  • Grow your revenue by selling professional services (implementation fee)
  • Create recurring revenue by becoming a subscription partner
  • Easy sale and short cycle compared to automation sale
  • Generous revenue sharing program

Feature-packed Digital Employee platform builder

Easy-to-use, quick to implement

  • LLM and Newo API integration.
  • Active Knowledge Base (AKB) – Vector database for retrieving context information and workflow instructions.
  • Advanced crawler management tools.
  • Omnichannel communication – Link customer interactions across various communication channels.
  • Collaborative workflows allowing for complex, multi-stage workflows that involve both digital and biological employees.
  • Long-term memory allowing Digital Employees to remember everything that your client ever discussed with them.

“Our team is over the moon about our newest addition, the Concierge-Receptionist! Since its implementation at our wellness spa, our staff no longer has to put in extra hours, and I can finally enjoy my weekends as an owner. Before, our therapists were often too busy with treatments to handle the reception, costing us potential business. Now, the digital Concierge Receptionist takes care of client interactions, appointment bookings, and even Q&As essentially becoming an invaluable part of our team!”


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