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The Secret Ingredient to your Wellness & Fitness Business Success

100% answered calls, optimized bookings, returning customers.

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Did you know that about 40-80% of phone calls go unanswered? It means an unhappy customer and your lost revenue. The solution? AI Receptionist. Here are 7 ways how AI Receptionist can boost your revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

  • 1. Revenue Growth

    Pick up 100% calls and grow your business. AI Receptionist effectively upsell additional treatments and services to customers, resulting in higher revenue per customer visit and overall revenue growth.


    By replacing traditional receptionists and support staff with AI-powered solutions, labor expenses can be significantly reduced. This translates to estimated annual 5-9X savings compared to human employee cost. For example in California this would mean approximately $93,600 in cost savings per employee per year!

  • 3. Enhanced Customer Engagement

    With AI-driven personalization and recommendations, businesses can now engage customers more effectively. This leads to increased client satisfaction, loyalty, and repeat business. Personalized promotions and wellness journey recommendations create a deeper connection between businesses and their clients.

  • 4. Consistent And Quality Service

    Clients receive personalized guidance and support, leading to enhanced wellness outcomes and satisfaction.

  • 5. Predictable and efficient operations

    Forget the challenges of unpredictable job volume and hours. There are also no sick days nor coffee breaks. AI Receptionist works 24/7/365 and ensures smooth and consistent customer interactions and business continuity.

  • 6. Omni-channel Engagement

    Engage with clients seamlessly across various channels, including web, mobile apps, and social media. This omni-channel approach ensures consistent customer experiences and enables businesses to reach their clients more effectively, driving loyalty and growth.

  • 7. Back-office Support

    Beyond front-end customer interactions, AI-powered solutions provide invaluable back-office support. Scheduling and data management are streamlined, ensuring smoother and more efficient processes, and reducing errors, administrative overhead and freeing up staff to focus on core business activities.

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What can AI Receptionist do for your Wellness&Fitness business?

Pick up 100% calls

Maximize your revenues and customer satisfaction by answering every call.

Make reservations

Cater to all customers, even when tables are full, by providing takeout options.

Be available 24/7 with multilingual support

Handle reservations for all event sizes via chat, phone, email, and SMS.

Multiple communication channels

Enhance customer events from start to finish with an AI hostess managing the details.

Consult on services, memberships, promotions

Remember special dates, favorite dishes, and cocktails to enhance customer rapport.

Learn your customer preferences over time

Gain insights into AI hostess performance for informed decision-making.

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The digital Concierge Receptionist takes care of client interactions, appointment bookings, and even Q&As essentially becoming an invaluable part of our team!

The digital Concierge Receptionist takes care of client interactions, appointment bookings, and even Q&As essentially becoming an invaluable part of our team!

3 Simple steps to your AI Receptionist:

Step 1. Launch your AI receptionist in 20 minutes!

Starter AI Receptionist will be able to answer all of your calls, monitor webchat and collaborate with human employees to place the orders and bookings.

Step 2. Seamless workflow

Use Professional Services to connect your AI receptionist to your booking and CRM systems for seamless autonomous flows.

Step 3. Enjoy the Magic of AI

Continue training it, receive reports and enjoy 24/7 performance!

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